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Common problems and solutions in the production of tablet presses

2018/09/07 11:36
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A tablet press is a machine in which a granule or powder material is placed in a die hole and pressed into a tablet by a punch.
A tablet press is a machine in which a granule or powder material is placed in a die hole and pressed into a tablet by a punch. However, in the production process of tableting, there are often cases where the user reflects that the result of tableting is not smooth. Below, the author lists the common problems of the two types of compression, and the corresponding solutions.
Pine phenomenon
It is reported that the fineness of the pulverization of the drug is insufficient, the fiber or the elastic drug or the oil component is more and the mixing is uneven, which may cause the pine phenomenon. It can be overcome by pulverizing the drug through a 100 mesh sieve, selecting a binder with a strong viscosity, appropriately increasing the pressure of the tablet press, and increasing the mixing of the oil drug absorbent.
Insufficient or improper selection of the binder or wetting agent, the granular texture is loose or the particle size distribution is uneven, and the coarse particles and the fine particles are layered. It can be overcome by selecting appropriate binders or increasing the amount, improving the granulation process, mixing the soft materials, and mixing the particles.
The moisture content of the particles is too small, and the excessively dried particles have greater elasticity. The drug containing crystal water loses more crystal water during the drying process of the particles, making the particles crisp and easy to loosen the pieces. Therefore, when granulating, the water content of the granules should be controlled according to different varieties. If the prepared granules are too dry, spray an appropriate amount of dilute ethanol (50% - 60%), mix and compress.
The industry said that the phenomenon of loose flakes during tableting may also be related to the nature of the drug itself. For example, a tablet with a high density has a certain hardness, but it cannot withstand collision and shaking; the flowability of the particles is poor, the particles filled in the die holes are not uniform; or there are large pieces or particles, and the pieces block the scraping particles. The amount of filling is affected by the device and the feed opening.
In addition, the tableting machine will also affect the effect of the tablet. If the pressure is too small, the punching machine punches are not uniform, the speed is too fast or the granules in the hopper are added for a long time. It can be overcome by adjusting the pressure, checking whether the die is complete, adjusting the speed of the car, and adding particles to keep a certain amount of stock in the hopper.
Splitting phenomenon
When a tablet is shaken or placed, it is called a lumbar rupture from the waist; a split from the top is called a split, and the lumbar and apical are called lobes.
The drug itself is more elastic, fibrous drugs or more oil-containing ingredients. Sugar powder can be added to reduce fiber elasticity, strengthen adhesion or increase the absorption of oil drugs, and mix well and then compress.
Improper or insufficient amount of binder or wetting agent, the adhesion of the particles during tableting is poor.
The granules are too dry, and the crystallization water-containing drug loses too much to cause lobes, and the solution is the same as that of the pine slices.
Some crystalline drugs have not been sufficiently comminuted. Such drugs can be sufficiently pulverized and granulated.
If the fine powder is too much and the lubricant is excessive, the part of the air cannot be released in time and is pressed into the tablet. When the pressure is released, the air inside the tablet expands to cause a split, which can be sieved to remove some fine powder and appropriately reduced. The amount of lubricant is overcome.
It is reported that the pressure of the tablet press is too large, the rebound force is large and the lobes; the speed is too fast or the die does not meet the requirements, the punch has a length, the middle die hole is worn, the middle part of the middle die is larger than the upper part or the punch is curled inward, The lobes are caused when the tablet is ejected. Adjustable pressure and speed, improve die matching, and timely check and exchange.
In addition, the tableting chamber has a low room temperature and a low humidity, which is liable to cause lobes, and particularly poorly viscous drugs are easily produced. Adjusting the air conditioning system can be solved.